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I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this wonderful program. Academic studies have proven that fitness helps recovery, PRP shows us how: Providing Pilates professionals the necessary information to provide safe and effective fitness to our clients fighting breast cancer at every stage of recovery.  

Pink Ribbon Program Pilates


Super professional Skriptum and teaching and lots of time to tape and be taped! Be prepared, nothing else sticks like the original K - Tape!

K - Taping Academy

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If you liked a picture or video on this website, it was probably the work of Jesse Kent from Unknown Studios. He's a true artist! Click the link to catch his amazing Paragliding footage for Nova Paragliding which he films...while paragliding...

Unknown Studio,

Jesse Kent


Reitverein JUKI  has something for every rider on their Event Calendar. The best trainer workshops, youth friendly shows, Sonderprüfungen, and let's not forget the Barbeques... 

Reitverein JUKI,

Obfrau Johanna Kent

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My two mares are enjoying the good life at HIT- Activestall Broslerhof. A beautiful facility complete with Indoor Arena, Natural Horse Trail Park, Hippotherapie and really good hay: ) Fam. Hörtnagel is always to be counted on to provide the best for their herd, and the community can't be beat. Then there's the view...

Aktivstall Broslerhof,

Fam. Hörtnagl


When she's not making rounds at the Hospital, Charlotte Wagner trains riders in the classical riding style of Phillip Karl, legerete. She teaches with compassion, a keen eye and a wealth of knowledge.  We are very lucky to have her in Tirol, as she is now based out of Gschnitz!

Klassische Reitkunst,

Dr. Charlotte Wagner

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TPS is the gold standard for Klassisches Pilates Training in Europe. Founded by Bob Liekens himself, the years of experience and mastery are apparent in the Skriptum, Course Structure and Teaching. The explanations, tips and details combine with an incredibly effective training strategy. This is the real deal! 

The Pilates Standard

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If you are experiencing a problem in your riding or with your horse, Lindsay Wilcox-Reid has been thinking of a solution. Her books are thoughtful and inspiring and her training works. Finally a Pilates & Biomechanics based training system for riders that focuses on how our bodies affect our horses. Thanks Lindsay!



If you're looking for a sweat drenched matt and feeling your body perform to the max, check out Sandra Käfer when searching for your Pilates fix in Burgenland. As the international Training Institution "The Pilates Standard" National Director of Austria, she shares her great wisdom in all things Pilates through her teaching. Thanks Sandra!

First Pilates Gerätestudio,

Sandra Käfer


Daina is a Nutritional Counselor, Personal Trainer, and my fellow TPS Pilates Studio Trainer- In- Training. Visit her studio in Vienna founded with husband Chris Ogris, Sport Therapist to the Austrian National Soccer Team, and the Austrian Olympic/ Youth Olympic Organizations. A highly professional trainer Daina excels at translating your training goals to training results through her positive teaching style, warmth of character, and wicked good humor : )

xOx Athlete's Therapy,

Daina Ogris


Eva Obenaus hails from the World of Sport: Österreichische Staatsmeisterin Kunstturnen, 8-Kampf der Frauen 1968-1972, Unterrichtete seit 1979 an der Handelsakademie Waidhofen/Ybbs Sport, Ausbildung zum Pilates Coach bei Juliana Afram, "Power Pilates" 2004, and is now a fellow TPS Pilates Studio Trainer- In- Training. With her effervescent personality, endless energy, and infectious laughter you won't believe how fast an hour Workout can go!

Lifetime Pilates,

Mag. Eva Obenaus

...needs to make a Webpage, so that the public can read his amazing CV. Sebastian has ridden in a professional capacity with every "big name" in the European classical riding world. I promise, he's as good a teacher in the riding ring as he is on paper! When he makes it to Tirol, it's worth moving heaven and earth to get a lesson. Oh, and he's a really nice guy too... Bonus ; )

Master of Classical Riding,

Sebastian Görlich

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